Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering and looking foward

    As everyone knows today on 9-11-2001 America was attacked and almost 4000 incident humans lives were lost. It was a sad day for the USA and most of the world. It was a Tuesday like today with scattered clouds and people were just on there way to work. The attacks came fast and within the matter of about two hours lives changed, buildings fell and fires burned. Those people were heroes that sacrificed there own lives for all of us. For months this united America and the world. Then all of a sudden this unity died. Why did this happen?
    Today I want remember these brave men, women and children who died on this day. All over America but especially in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania there will be prayers and ceremonies. Lest contain ue to bless those families that suffered and unite us all once again. 
    You are wondering what does this have to do with 2020. Well on this date in 2020 it will be 19 years since the attacks on America. We will still remember those who died and their memories will always be with us.  Yet at the same time a new war will start. This war will not be fought with guns and tanks but by supernatural powers. Things like mind control, telepathy and other unique human weapons. 
     That would be the last war and then a new peace will be born. It will be like an Utopia. That is something we all should look forward too. As we move forward together and unite as one. "God is everywhere and within us all." Lets take this journey with our heads held high and our hearts open. Just like that day 11 years ago we should move forward.  

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