Saturday, November 19, 2011

11-11-11 The Gates are open

Last Friday on 11-11-11 a major event took place an alignment of the stars that has not happened in many years. Also on that day the gates to other worlds have opened. It means that all the parole worlds will start to merge into one. It is already happening. I will just give you guys a few examples of signs you can look in your every day life. I will write about two examples that have already happened to me.

1) I was driving in my city on a road, the area I live in is known for many pine trees, Ever Greens, Maples and others. I live on the east cost where we have a full cycle of seasons. It usually gets very cold and snowy in the winter, trees come to life in the Spring, It gets hot in the summer and the leaves changes colors quickly in the fall. Let me go back to this first example. All of a sudden the scenery around me totally changed to a tropical climate with palm trees and I even saw a Caribbean looking man dragging a cooler like he was about to enjoy a day on the beach. That change only lasted about three minutes, but then it just came back to normal. This is a great example of one thing you might be seeing as the we go closer to 2020.

2) The second example is even more cool. I have a dog that I walk doing the day and one time I left the house with her and one minute later my mom left the home, we both went in the same direction but something very strange happened in that minute, we never even saw each other it was like each of us entered into a different parole world and passed through time and space itself. This is an example of how the different worlds are merging together. Everyone please be ready for this as the years tick toward 2020. Just take a moment to observe the environment around you each day and see if anything strange is going one. 

In conclusion, many things will start speeding up for us now. It is important that you face these issues because remember it will be you who will be the new leaders of the earth now. Have a great Thanksgiving.       

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Journey is about to start. The Gates are open.

October is a strange month, I strongly believe that it is here that the gateway opens to the other world. There is strong evidence in science that suggest many worlds are turn side by side. It is the same time, same year but everything on this planets are different. Every October we celebrate Halloween which comes from a pagan holiday that was called Hollow Eve it celebrated the dead.

The story goes like this many years ago the dead and living lived side by side. They had many disagreements and fights. Then a group of wise people from both sides met face to face and made a deal that in return for the dead moving into another realm the living will dedicate one day a year to the dead. This deal was sealed in blood and that is where Halloween came from. To this day the tradition continues.

Now to get to the heart of my post What gates do I speak of? It is the gates that open to other worlds. many strange things are happening now and we move toward 2020. For some reason time is going faster, different worlds are beginning to merge and join together. I will give a few examples that happened to me. A few times when I was driving the scenery changed. I live North and a few times pine trees found here actually became palm trees, we have no Palm trees in New York unless it is a house plant. One time I actually witnessed squirrels crossing the street when cars were stopped at a red light. Everything is merging. I also noticed that time is moving faster I wake up at 9 am and before I know it it is already 12 pm. Where is our day going?

I want to go back to Halloween and gateways opening. You see folks I believe that everything that ever lived or breathed on this earth has left energy in prints in the earth. I have the ability to connect to that energy and give predictions and reading to clients. The gateway is opening rapidly now I go to places that have been around for years and actually see people dressed in old clothing moving up and down the street or the broad walk or other areas of interest. The gateway is especially opened more wide in October when we celebrate the dead. Every year until 2020 it will be a stronger and stronger. Then come 2020 you all will see a very different world. It will be a world that no words or films can show. Get up, open your minds, explore, grow and get ready for a journey because it is about to start.           

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-2001, what really happened on that day?

      I want to honer those people who sacrificed their lives ten years ago, in this earth they were honored with several memorials that took place. Almost 4000 people killed in one clear day. Each one of them will be heroes in our lives. Something happened that day with me that I want to share with everyone.
     On that Tuesday ten years ago I was at home watching CNN. My friend who was on leave from the US Air force. He was in my house I noticed something very strange that took place live. You may call it a shift but I actually saw the whole ground zero shift. My theory is that the whole planet shifted into an alternate  earth on that day. A world where the towers had been destroyed, the Pentagon damaged and a war on Terror starting.
    I believe that their are many earths floating together at the same time, each one of universes have our doubles living on them. those people that we think died here on 9-11 were actually left behind on a different earth, one that had peace and no war. Today this battle goes on but when will men truly understand what really happened?
    This is where 2020 comes into play, in that year a new cycle will be starting, We all mover closer to that year every day. So I send my prayer and love to everyone who lost loved ones, but do not forget that they are all still living their lives just not with you but on a parole earth.     

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oneness Connections

     Many things are beginning to happen now, the world as we know it is about to change. There has been scientific proof that everything in the universe is connected by an energy field that spreads everywhere. That feeling is oneness. That feeling will start to get stronger as humans make a huge shift into the 5 dimension A new journey is about to begin that will change every one's lives as we journey toward 2020.  The next eight years following 2012 will be crucial to this journey. You all will notice the earth changing dramatically. That means harsher winters, and summers. Massive storms and earthquakes. Thousands of humans passing in huge groups. You will see massive rise in consciousness and whole country governments breaking into sections.
       In the USA and around the world people will be waking up from this deep sleep. You will see many more protests and states breaking away from the federal government. Mankind have been sleeping for centuries, and because of this corrupt governments were rising. They brain washed everyone. Take a minute to look around you at all those horrible laws the Federal government had passed.
     Now is your time to grow and develop, the earth will have many natural disasters that will kill millions but it is all a part of the earth cleaning. When all these dangerous disasters will pass, and even some more wars will come and go a new world will be born. It will be sort of like an Utopia of sorts, the human beings will develop New abilities, new camps will be build that will train our Indigo, Crystalline and rainbow children. It is when we all understand that everything is connected in Oneness. It is when we will all understand that we can communicate with both plants and animals. It will be a time of magic, fantasy. alien encounters, and much more. The people that will survive this awakens and changes will see a great new world being reborn in 2020.       

Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome post, why 2020?

    We all have heard of 2012, it is the end of the Mayan Calender. What is going to happen to us all? Will the world end like the movies and media have for told. A great earthquake was supposed to destroy us on May 21, 2011. Yet we are still here, A great war was predicated by Nostradamus and earth was supposed to be destroyed over one hundred times by now, yet we are still here?
    It is all very simple, each one of us creates our own world. The earth is a living being and it exists in more then one place. Past, present and future are happening at the same time and so are various copies of our planet that follow different time-lines. All that we did as a group is jump into a different path. It was because individuals finally woke up.
    I like to tell you guys a little about me. I was born in Russia and at about age 4 I started seeing a lady standing in front of me. She was wearing white and I later learned that the woman I was seeing and talking to had been dead for at least twenty years. By age 5 I discovered I had all kinds of strange gifts. I was predicting and talking about things that eventually happened. As I grew and studied with many masters I was giving Psychic readings that were 85 percent correct. I still do these today. I discovered that what I was a seer and a star seed.
      Let me conclude this post by answering the question Why 2020? As 2012 comes to an end, a new eight year cycle will follow. These 8 years will be the shift everyone will move into. People will start taken sides. Good or evil. This battle has been going on forever. It has been written about in the bible, it has been sung about by bards and poets. It has been looked at and discussed in books, TV and radio. It will be that 8 years between December 22, 2012 to December 31,2019 when this battle will come to life and materialize in front of us. Special camps will be made to train the indigo, rainbow and crystalline children that are being born now. They will be taught to use their psychic powers as weapons.
     In conclusion, ladies and gentleman we are living in an amazing time now. As this blog grows and as it is updated I will blog about all kinds of new age topics and will let you know of what to expect and get ready for. Love and light all. Please become a follower.