Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby Steps Toward 2020

     What do we expect to happen as we move closer toward 2020. The first steps are starting as the world is waking up to reality. For many centuries Humankind have been sleeping in a deep state of Bliss. We let the people with the power take over. We joined Congregations, we have been brain washed and turned into a kind of slave.  Now we are waking up. Just a few years ago what is called as the Arab Spring has taken down several Dedicators from power. This can be a good thing, but it is not because it is creating a radical Islam Regime in the Middle East. This group believes in strict laws that gives only a small group of Men all the power over everyone like Women, children and poor men.  If you have the gold and pay off certain leaders you can get anything you want. They are anti-American and against most of the world. All they care about is to satisfy their taste for Power, Riches and the death of others.  This is one example of what we have face in the coming years before 2020. It will be a huge war against one radical United Islamic World that will be lead by a Prince in a Purple Turban like Nostradamus predicted many years ago. He may have been off about a decade or so but it is coming.
     The other major war we may be faced with is a Nuclear war like no one have ever seen before. The first baby steps have been taken with North Korea declaring themselves in the State of war against South Korea, Japan and The United States of America. They have already pointed all there Rockets and Missile Lunches toward us. I have a feeling we will start seeing Missiles fly very soon in that area.   This will cause China to support them and most likely some of those radical Islam nations like Iran as well. It is time for all of us to get ready for a Bumpy ride. Not all of us will survive, but we must keep on living our lives like we do everyday.
     The third major thread that might come before 2020 is a surge in Super Storms like Sandy. The weather has changed dramatically and the North Pole had shifted like 600 miles west over Siberia when it used to be over Alaska. Also the ice caps have been melting a lot. This will cause fresh water to mix with salt water and rise the oceans several feet above normal. This will cause great storms and major floods all over.
    Yes, we are in for major problems in the next 7 years, but there is an up side to all of this. While this is going on people will start waking up from the deep sleep. Churches and other major organized religions will be forced to live by what the people want. They will give more rights to every man, woman and child. You will start seeing massive floods of lost information being released, science will discover new evidence that will support the theory that we are not alone in the universe. You will also see a rise in children being born with super natural powers, and you will also notice your own psychic abilities and etc.. growing. The baby steps have been taken, and they will cause many changes in the world both good and bad. It is time for us the enlightened once to lead everyone on this journey. Get ready for the call to service soon, so we can work together and make this journey a smooth one instead of a bumpy one.