Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Journey is about to start. The Gates are open.

October is a strange month, I strongly believe that it is here that the gateway opens to the other world. There is strong evidence in science that suggest many worlds are turn side by side. It is the same time, same year but everything on this planets are different. Every October we celebrate Halloween which comes from a pagan holiday that was called Hollow Eve it celebrated the dead.

The story goes like this many years ago the dead and living lived side by side. They had many disagreements and fights. Then a group of wise people from both sides met face to face and made a deal that in return for the dead moving into another realm the living will dedicate one day a year to the dead. This deal was sealed in blood and that is where Halloween came from. To this day the tradition continues.

Now to get to the heart of my post What gates do I speak of? It is the gates that open to other worlds. many strange things are happening now and we move toward 2020. For some reason time is going faster, different worlds are beginning to merge and join together. I will give a few examples that happened to me. A few times when I was driving the scenery changed. I live North and a few times pine trees found here actually became palm trees, we have no Palm trees in New York unless it is a house plant. One time I actually witnessed squirrels crossing the street when cars were stopped at a red light. Everything is merging. I also noticed that time is moving faster I wake up at 9 am and before I know it it is already 12 pm. Where is our day going?

I want to go back to Halloween and gateways opening. You see folks I believe that everything that ever lived or breathed on this earth has left energy in prints in the earth. I have the ability to connect to that energy and give predictions and reading to clients. The gateway is opening rapidly now I go to places that have been around for years and actually see people dressed in old clothing moving up and down the street or the broad walk or other areas of interest. The gateway is especially opened more wide in October when we celebrate the dead. Every year until 2020 it will be a stronger and stronger. Then come 2020 you all will see a very different world. It will be a world that no words or films can show. Get up, open your minds, explore, grow and get ready for a journey because it is about to start.