Saturday, November 19, 2011

11-11-11 The Gates are open

Last Friday on 11-11-11 a major event took place an alignment of the stars that has not happened in many years. Also on that day the gates to other worlds have opened. It means that all the parole worlds will start to merge into one. It is already happening. I will just give you guys a few examples of signs you can look in your every day life. I will write about two examples that have already happened to me.

1) I was driving in my city on a road, the area I live in is known for many pine trees, Ever Greens, Maples and others. I live on the east cost where we have a full cycle of seasons. It usually gets very cold and snowy in the winter, trees come to life in the Spring, It gets hot in the summer and the leaves changes colors quickly in the fall. Let me go back to this first example. All of a sudden the scenery around me totally changed to a tropical climate with palm trees and I even saw a Caribbean looking man dragging a cooler like he was about to enjoy a day on the beach. That change only lasted about three minutes, but then it just came back to normal. This is a great example of one thing you might be seeing as the we go closer to 2020.

2) The second example is even more cool. I have a dog that I walk doing the day and one time I left the house with her and one minute later my mom left the home, we both went in the same direction but something very strange happened in that minute, we never even saw each other it was like each of us entered into a different parole world and passed through time and space itself. This is an example of how the different worlds are merging together. Everyone please be ready for this as the years tick toward 2020. Just take a moment to observe the environment around you each day and see if anything strange is going one. 

In conclusion, many things will start speeding up for us now. It is important that you face these issues because remember it will be you who will be the new leaders of the earth now. Have a great Thanksgiving.