Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oneness Connections

     Many things are beginning to happen now, the world as we know it is about to change. There has been scientific proof that everything in the universe is connected by an energy field that spreads everywhere. That feeling is oneness. That feeling will start to get stronger as humans make a huge shift into the 5 dimension A new journey is about to begin that will change every one's lives as we journey toward 2020.  The next eight years following 2012 will be crucial to this journey. You all will notice the earth changing dramatically. That means harsher winters, and summers. Massive storms and earthquakes. Thousands of humans passing in huge groups. You will see massive rise in consciousness and whole country governments breaking into sections.
       In the USA and around the world people will be waking up from this deep sleep. You will see many more protests and states breaking away from the federal government. Mankind have been sleeping for centuries, and because of this corrupt governments were rising. They brain washed everyone. Take a minute to look around you at all those horrible laws the Federal government had passed.
     Now is your time to grow and develop, the earth will have many natural disasters that will kill millions but it is all a part of the earth cleaning. When all these dangerous disasters will pass, and even some more wars will come and go a new world will be born. It will be sort of like an Utopia of sorts, the human beings will develop New abilities, new camps will be build that will train our Indigo, Crystalline and rainbow children. It is when we all understand that everything is connected in Oneness. It is when we will all understand that we can communicate with both plants and animals. It will be a time of magic, fantasy. alien encounters, and much more. The people that will survive this awakens and changes will see a great new world being reborn in 2020.