Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer's Spiritual Journey toward 2020

     Summer is almost gone and Fall is on its way. This shows us how fast we are heading toward 2020. Time itself has started to speed up and this is all a part of our Spiritual journey toward the 5 dimension and eventually toward the 2020. Worlds are beginning to merge together and certain people are starting to discover there Healing and psychic powers more clearly. These are first steps to where we are heading. In the next two years you will notice new kinds of schools and Camps opening up, that will be especially set up for our children to combine regular activities and studies with training and growing there psychic powers.   
       The Children that have been born after 2001 are very psychic and have discovered their abilities at a very young age. The parents probably already know that. Please a note to these parents listen to your children and give them full support. They are usually very straight forward and will speak out. They also are individuals who want to change the world. Rather it be through starting a charity, helping others or talking about how they see dead people or other spiritual gifts. Some can sense more then before. They might have stronger hearing, eyesight, touch, or smell. It is this children that the schools and camps will be training and developing.
       There will be many strange changes taking place all around us. This can be in weather, super storms, Earthquakes, and more disasters with technology. Just as an example in the past month there have been a few factory fires, several wild fires, two train crashes and two airplane crashes. As for weather we had a few weeks of a heat waves and now a week of fall like weather in July. These are all patterns that will continue for the next seven years. It is also sad to tell you that there will be massive groups of deaths as the earth starts to cleanse itself and prepare for a massive war. That is where the new children will come in. They will be psychic warriors, meaning they will fight with there developed gifts and  not weapons.
     You will also see a major changes in how people will live, It will be in clusters scattered all over the world. Many science fiction movies have shown us what is in store. This will eventually lead us into a full scale peace, and the coming of a new Christ like leader from area of Stonehenge. This all will come quick and there will be suffering but like the Buddhists believe suffering is a major part of life.   

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