Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A trip into the Fifth World

As all of us move closer to 2020 we will notice major changes all around us. The first change is that time as we know will speed up and the other worlds will be open us to visit. I am already traveling to other worlds. You see folks millions of parallel worlds are turning at the same time as ours. Each world has a different way of life. In some of them people are pets and our pets are the owners. Other worlds have developed human beings that are much more advance then we are, and others are way behind in development. That is an example of just a few of these wonderful worlds.

If you are open to source you will also notice strange things happening around you.  You might see little details like Palms appearing in cold climates and Pine trees appearing in hot climates. It will not only be with items but with people, some who have probably died years ago. All these things are leading us to the Fifth world as the world we know and love is beginning to merge with other worlds you have never seen before. Days will start going faster and years as well. So everyone be ready for what is to come our way. Just keep in mind it is us the open minded and New Age indivduals that will soon become leaders.  You will also notice that many of your family and friends will start coming to you for advice. Now the Journey towward 2020 and the Fifth world is beginning.