Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome post, why 2020?

    We all have heard of 2012, it is the end of the Mayan Calender. What is going to happen to us all? Will the world end like the movies and media have for told. A great earthquake was supposed to destroy us on May 21, 2011. Yet we are still here, A great war was predicated by Nostradamus and earth was supposed to be destroyed over one hundred times by now, yet we are still here?
    It is all very simple, each one of us creates our own world. The earth is a living being and it exists in more then one place. Past, present and future are happening at the same time and so are various copies of our planet that follow different time-lines. All that we did as a group is jump into a different path. It was because individuals finally woke up.
    I like to tell you guys a little about me. I was born in Russia and at about age 4 I started seeing a lady standing in front of me. She was wearing white and I later learned that the woman I was seeing and talking to had been dead for at least twenty years. By age 5 I discovered I had all kinds of strange gifts. I was predicting and talking about things that eventually happened. As I grew and studied with many masters I was giving Psychic readings that were 85 percent correct. I still do these today. I discovered that what I was a seer and a star seed.
      Let me conclude this post by answering the question Why 2020? As 2012 comes to an end, a new eight year cycle will follow. These 8 years will be the shift everyone will move into. People will start taken sides. Good or evil. This battle has been going on forever. It has been written about in the bible, it has been sung about by bards and poets. It has been looked at and discussed in books, TV and radio. It will be that 8 years between December 22, 2012 to December 31,2019 when this battle will come to life and materialize in front of us. Special camps will be made to train the indigo, rainbow and crystalline children that are being born now. They will be taught to use their psychic powers as weapons.
     In conclusion, ladies and gentleman we are living in an amazing time now. As this blog grows and as it is updated I will blog about all kinds of new age topics and will let you know of what to expect and get ready for. Love and light all. Please become a follower.