Thursday, March 24, 2016

Journey Goes On toward 2020

      As 2020 is approaching fast, you have noticed many new things have been happening. Time is going faster and new threats are rising all over the world. Our friends are now becoming victims. Look at Paris, California, Belgium, Turkey, Israel and many other countries. Look at all the mass shootings in USA. Our world is becoming dangerous every day. Our major cities look like Military States. Our wonderful world is becoming a war zone. Why is this going on? It is  the big mistakes our own government has been making. We go into countries we have no right to be in and destroy them for no reason. Look at Bush and Iraq he put our young American men in women in danger because he basically wanted to finish what his dad started and because of his hate he took Sadam out of power. Sadam had no threat to us and that Dictator at least had control of all the terrorists in his country. It was from that big error that Isis was born from and the hands of time toward 2020 have started to turn.
      Now look at our currant president Barack Obama, he promised us hope and change and he did change our country for the worse. In his term he also tried to kill off Dictators for no apparent reason. In this particular case it was Kaddafi and Assad. Both of these leaders did nothing to attack our homeland. Just like Bush he went into countries that we had no authority to enter. What did this cause a major civil war that has now claimed 500,000 incident lives of civilians. That continues to go on. Once again this also was a huge step that was taken by the American government that will now be a major path to 2020 , when the final battle will be taken place.
         We have just under four years before this battle will start. The training camps are growing each day as the Star seeds, Indigo children, light walkers, Crestline, Rainbow children and others will join forces to take on a dark and evil force that is growing daily. I want all of you to get ready and prepare for this events and May the light force be with you.