Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 A New beginning

The end of the world came and past and now we have entered into the New Birth of the Earth and it's creatures. 12-21-2012 was a scary day for many and lots of money was made from this Hoax. I heard stories that people actually build underground hotel rooms and charged $1000 a night and people actually rented them. Other companies made survival kits and sold them to many.

As for us Psychics we had known a long time it was not the end but a new Birth. The world is finally waking up after sleeping for so long. It all started with the so called Arab Spring and had spread all over the world. It also was a tough year  for many. We had four massive shootings,  Many natural disasters and many thousands of people left the earth. What does this all mean? Why did God let these things happen? These questions are asked all the time. Were they meant to leave this life and move on to another? Hard questions that do not really have answers. Some people could not live on the planet while others left us early but like in one of my favorite books "The Celestine Prophecy" the first rule says everything has a reason. I strongly agree with that.

I have five predictions to share for the new year:
1) I think we all should expect a very cold winter and a terrible Hurricane season. More storms like Sandy to hit the west, South and East Costs.
2) We will also see a major shift in the New Age Movement this year. More events and trade shows all over the world. 
3) I also see a big war in The Middle East this year and massive bombings in Iraq, Iran and other radical Arab countries.  
4) A movement away from organized religion like the Church and others. 
5) My last prediction for the year is more countries breaking away and forming there own republics all over the World.       

That is what I see happening as we move closer toward that critical year of 2020. That is when the training camps will start to open to help our children warriors learn to use there psychic powers to save the world. This all will lead to the coming of a great new master like Jesus in 2034. It will be a female born in The UK.  It is 2034 when the world will become an Utopia. I think that the true end of world will not come until December 21, 3012. It is then when a massive nuclear war will wipe out the earth. By that year people will already be living on new colonies that will be build on The Moon, Mars and Mercury.  Happy New Year everyone.     


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