Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 21, 2012 Fact or Fiction

For many years we have been waiting for that day. The day that the world supposed to end. Now it is only about two weeks away. Do I think that like the movie "2012"
Says the world will all end in one day? That is what the Mayan calendar says. It has been found and translated a while back. For the past 6 years or so everything was hyped up and everyone in the media has been trying to scare us. It has been done by movies, lectures and many other ways. Keep in mind the same thing happened not to long ago with the so called Y2K bug. Yet, nothing much really happened. I strongly believe this calendar is real but not for our time. You see folks the Mayans knew nothing about solar eclipses or other natural problems. They believed that if the world goes dark it is the end. That is why they made Mayan calendars in the first place. Each one has a cycle of 13 years and were within each other.
You guys should not be scared of the end of the world. Scientifically a world can't end in one day. It will take many years. I believe what this calendar is talking about is a major change in our world. It probably means something big is about to take place. It can be the invention of time travel, a major war or a massive disaster. That is what the calendar has been predicting. Our world will not end it will keep on going. Yes, maybe some lives will be lost but we will still be here. Don't let the powerful people scare you with all this hype about the world ending on December 21, 2012, but keep on living your life. They are beginning to lose control of us that is why they are putting fear in our lives. Who are they you ask. They are some government officials, They are the people with the money, they are clergy and controlled religion leaders. They are the powerful media giants, they are the huge corporations. Don't let them get to you. Always remember you are your own created of worlds.k Keep in living your life and use your free will to create new worlds for yourself.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering and looking foward

    As everyone knows today on 9-11-2001 America was attacked and almost 4000 incident humans lives were lost. It was a sad day for the USA and most of the world. It was a Tuesday like today with scattered clouds and people were just on there way to work. The attacks came fast and within the matter of about two hours lives changed, buildings fell and fires burned. Those people were heroes that sacrificed there own lives for all of us. For months this united America and the world. Then all of a sudden this unity died. Why did this happen?
    Today I want remember these brave men, women and children who died on this day. All over America but especially in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania there will be prayers and ceremonies. Lest contain ue to bless those families that suffered and unite us all once again. 
    You are wondering what does this have to do with 2020. Well on this date in 2020 it will be 19 years since the attacks on America. We will still remember those who died and their memories will always be with us.  Yet at the same time a new war will start. This war will not be fought with guns and tanks but by supernatural powers. Things like mind control, telepathy and other unique human weapons. 
     That would be the last war and then a new peace will be born. It will be like an Utopia. That is something we all should look forward too. As we move forward together and unite as one. "God is everywhere and within us all." Lets take this journey with our heads held high and our hearts open. Just like that day 11 years ago we should move forward.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Secrets of Time (Going Round and round)

     We all see time as a line that keeps going on forever. The truth of the matter is that it is a circle going round and round. Past, Present and Future co-exist together. Not many people know this. Yet every one of you can sense that. Keep in mind that at one time our ancestors thought earth was flat but now we all know it is round. Time works the same way. Space is a different matter, In space as Quantum science says has no time. The energy particles can be anywhere they want to.
    Let us take a look toward 2020 and how the next eight years will be moving toward it. You should all expect to see a good share of disasters both natural and human made. There might be a few wars mostly in the middle east. The world will continue to spin after December 21, 2012 like the Mayan calender predicts. Just always watch your back and get yourself ready. You will see a huge growth in the New Age movement. This will found in your local community and school system. New stores, and new schools will be opening up. It will be these schools that will eventually become the Training camps I talked of in an earlier post. So Ladies and Gentleman Keep you senses open and continue to live your life. You will know soon enough of these changes.   

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year is here (The Journey begins now)

2012 the year that ends the Mayan calender has arrived. It has been spoken about for over a decade. What happens now? Will earth end? What is to come? Those questions have been discussed and looked at. They have been battled over. Even the media played a role making movies  like "2012" and "The Day after tomorrow." They did this to make us scared, to take control of the power and squeeze us even tighter. Look at the economy, look around you. It is happening all over. The people who are hungry for power are losing control. Middle east is changing, governments are falling. We the people had enough of all this power and control. We have finally woke up from a deep sleep. 2012 will be a time of waking up and people fighting for our rights to live. For thousands of years we were controlled, over taxed, wills broken and brainwashed. Now is our time to fight back. Each of you has free will and your own choices. get out there and keep on living. 2012 is our time and our moment. The people are tired of all this stuff and have spoken out and will continue to speak out, protest and live.

Here are just a few things that all of you should get ready for: More protests and more dictatorships falling. watch the weather because there will be more earthquakes, hurricanes, twisters and other natural disasters.This year will be hard for everyone but in no way will it destroy the earth like the Mayan calender says. Just be watchful, find your path and live your life. Good luck to everyone as we take this year of awaking day to day.