Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-2001, what really happened on that day?

      I want to honer those people who sacrificed their lives ten years ago, in this earth they were honored with several memorials that took place. Almost 4000 people killed in one clear day. Each one of them will be heroes in our lives. Something happened that day with me that I want to share with everyone.
     On that Tuesday ten years ago I was at home watching CNN. My friend who was on leave from the US Air force. He was in my house I noticed something very strange that took place live. You may call it a shift but I actually saw the whole ground zero shift. My theory is that the whole planet shifted into an alternate  earth on that day. A world where the towers had been destroyed, the Pentagon damaged and a war on Terror starting.
    I believe that their are many earths floating together at the same time, each one of universes have our doubles living on them. those people that we think died here on 9-11 were actually left behind on a different earth, one that had peace and no war. Today this battle goes on but when will men truly understand what really happened?
    This is where 2020 comes into play, in that year a new cycle will be starting, We all mover closer to that year every day. So I send my prayer and love to everyone who lost loved ones, but do not forget that they are all still living their lives just not with you but on a parole earth.