Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 21, 2012 Fact or Fiction

For many years we have been waiting for that day. The day that the world supposed to end. Now it is only about two weeks away. Do I think that like the movie "2012"
Says the world will all end in one day? That is what the Mayan calendar says. It has been found and translated a while back. For the past 6 years or so everything was hyped up and everyone in the media has been trying to scare us. It has been done by movies, lectures and many other ways. Keep in mind the same thing happened not to long ago with the so called Y2K bug. Yet, nothing much really happened. I strongly believe this calendar is real but not for our time. You see folks the Mayans knew nothing about solar eclipses or other natural problems. They believed that if the world goes dark it is the end. That is why they made Mayan calendars in the first place. Each one has a cycle of 13 years and were within each other.
You guys should not be scared of the end of the world. Scientifically a world can't end in one day. It will take many years. I believe what this calendar is talking about is a major change in our world. It probably means something big is about to take place. It can be the invention of time travel, a major war or a massive disaster. That is what the calendar has been predicting. Our world will not end it will keep on going. Yes, maybe some lives will be lost but we will still be here. Don't let the powerful people scare you with all this hype about the world ending on December 21, 2012, but keep on living your life. They are beginning to lose control of us that is why they are putting fear in our lives. Who are they you ask. They are some government officials, They are the people with the money, they are clergy and controlled religion leaders. They are the powerful media giants, they are the huge corporations. Don't let them get to you. Always remember you are your own created of worlds.k Keep in living your life and use your free will to create new worlds for yourself.