Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year is here (The Journey begins now)

2012 the year that ends the Mayan calender has arrived. It has been spoken about for over a decade. What happens now? Will earth end? What is to come? Those questions have been discussed and looked at. They have been battled over. Even the media played a role making movies  like "2012" and "The Day after tomorrow." They did this to make us scared, to take control of the power and squeeze us even tighter. Look at the economy, look around you. It is happening all over. The people who are hungry for power are losing control. Middle east is changing, governments are falling. We the people had enough of all this power and control. We have finally woke up from a deep sleep. 2012 will be a time of waking up and people fighting for our rights to live. For thousands of years we were controlled, over taxed, wills broken and brainwashed. Now is our time to fight back. Each of you has free will and your own choices. get out there and keep on living. 2012 is our time and our moment. The people are tired of all this stuff and have spoken out and will continue to speak out, protest and live.

Here are just a few things that all of you should get ready for: More protests and more dictatorships falling. watch the weather because there will be more earthquakes, hurricanes, twisters and other natural disasters.This year will be hard for everyone but in no way will it destroy the earth like the Mayan calender says. Just be watchful, find your path and live your life. Good luck to everyone as we take this year of awaking day to day.